Who We Are




Bikers for Christ is a serious 2 piece motorcycle ministry dedicated to bringing
Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world in a way only Christian bikers can do, through
motorcycling. We go out on the highways and byways, ministering to the biker
world, the people that mainstream society fears and ignores. 

Our lives may be the only glimpse of Jesus most of the M/C world may ever
see. We thank God He has given us the privilege of using our love of motorcycles
to enable us to share our passion, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to those who
may never have had the opportunity or want to step foot into a church.

BFC is a ministry that serves the God of the Holy Bible, the only God, the Creator
of the universe, the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. We serve no other purpose,
person, philosophy, thing, government or power. Our dedication is solely directed to
our Lord; Jesus Christ. BFC is a ministry that uses the motorcycle as a media to
reach out to others. Motorcycling is the integral part of our physical lives which
brings us to those we are called upon to minister to, and indeed is the thing that
opens the door between our calling and the rest of the world. We support
motorcycling in itís many forms, the culture which has developed around it
and the riders who are out on the road.




And What We Believe



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